Private Collections

Pizzetti, Ildebrando, I pastori - F. Pizz. Mss.B.70

After purchases and donations, many more other collections have enriched the historic heritage of the Library:

Alinovi collection, donated by the heirs in 1891, collects about a hundred manuscripts;

Barilli collection, donated by Aristide Barilli in 1993, preserves Bruno Barilli’s manuscripts;

Bottesini collection, donated by the heirs, preserves handwritten and, to a lesser extent, printed music, and collects about 150 items, among which more than 80 manuscripts of Giovanni Bottesini;

Royal Theatre Administrative Commission collection, belonging to the municipality of Parma, collects about 200 items, almost all manuscripts of the mid-XIX century about instrumental transcriptions;

Corradi-Cervi collection, donated by Maurizio Corradi Cervi in 1968, it made of 25 miscellaneous manuscripts of the first half of the XIX century;

Pizzetti collection, according to the composer’s will, collects all the bibliographic and documentary material of his roman study;

Sampieri collection, acquired by the Cultural heritage Ministry, collects handwritten and printed works of the XVIII and XIX centuries;

Tebaldini collection, donated by Giovanni Tebaldini in 1928, is made of both musical volumes and music, mainly handwritten;

Torrigiani collection, donated by Luigi Torrigiani in 1893, collects about 90 volumes of theatrical and instrumental music of the XIX century.