Rare works Collection


The collection includes printed music from the second half of the XIX century to the first years of the XX century, mainly representative of the theatrical genre. There are about 2800 items. The collection also includes some donations of the Conservatory teachers, like Giusto Dacci, who was also director from 1875 to 1889 and wrote many didactic books, Cleofonte Campanini, the famous orchestra director and great patron for Parma, the violin player Romeo Franzoni, famous for having reviewed the unpublished Paganini’s works, the brothers Nicola and Domenico De Giovanni, Emilio Usiglio, Italo Azzoni, Giulio Cesare Ferrarini, Giovanni Bolzoni, Rosalinda Sacconi and many more. Therefore the collection, besides offering a panorama of the Italian music prints in the XIX century, also documents the local production.