Palatine Library

Monday, 14th December 2020 - Notice


Starting from 14th December 2020 the Palatine Library reopens the consultation service for study and research by reservation with the following opening times: from Mondays to Fridays  9:00 a.m. -1 p.m..

At the moment, studying with own books will not be allowed.

With regard to the consultation service, the six people who have reserved their place by telephone or by e-mail (and have received confirmation of it) will be welcomed by the staff at the main entrance and introduced in the Library; after measuring the temperature and sanitizing the hands, he will accompany the reader to the place assigned to him in the Salone Maria Luigia

The reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance on working days by sending an email to: with the subject: “CONSULTATION ROOM”  and the email body must contain user  identification data,  day and time of arrival and the Library document to consult (maximum 3 documents), as well as a self-certification declaring the user’s state of health. In response the user must wait to receive an email confirming the availability of the requested documents and the study place allocation before going to the Library.

It will be possible to put the documents "on hold” for 5 days only. If other users will not request the same documents the Library Direction will evaluate the possibility of extending the deadline for 5 more days.
Books on the open shelf will be picked up by the staff and delivered to the consulting room,. therefore books can’t be taken directly from the shelf by the users
It will not be possible to leave personal belongings unattended and occupy places other than the one assigned by the  staff.

Suspended services:

Until new instructions it will not be possible to:

- access with your own books
- use the computers of the Library
- request other documents  in addition to those requested by mail
- request photocopies and scans on site


If unable to respect the booking date, please cancel it promptly or, at the latest, by 9 am on the established day in order to give other users the opportunity to use the Consultation Room.

Those who do not comply with this rule will have to wait 15 days before being able to submit a new request for access to the Library.