Borbone Dukes Musical Archive

La battaglia di Austerlitz. Grande sonata per banda militare ridotta per pianoforte da Alessandro Azereto - F. Borb. 1954

The Archive is a precious source of both historic and musical-bibliographic interest. It was part of the private library of the Borbone dukes, and it documents the court activity and the interests of the sovereigns belonging to the two dynastic branches, Borbone-Parma and Borbone-Lucca.
The Archive has been acquired by the Public library of Parma (the current Palatine Library) in 1865, after the union of the Parma duchy with the Sardinia kingdom and after that, in 1889, it was moved to the Musical Section of the Palatine Library in the Conservatory palace "A. Boito".
It is mainly composed by manuscripts - among which it has to be signalled an original by Luigi Boccherini in particular - and by printed music that offers a wide panorama of the music publishing of the second half of the XVIII and XIX century.

The documentary sources in the Archive give testimony to the different musical genres cultivated in the time frame of a century by the different sovereigns of the Borbone dinasty, who were first dukes of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla from 1749 to 1801, then kings of Etruria from 1801 to 1807 and dukes of Lucca from 1807 to 1847 and in the end dukes of Parma and Piacenza again, from 1847 to 1859.

The scores belonged to the duchess Maria Luisa of Borbone-Lucca, who was very fond of music and was also an amateur composer, are recognizable from the monogram MLB impressed on the back or on the front of the binding.

The conspicuous music corpus consists of about 5.000 works, among which are to be signalled many scores of plays that constitute the main handwritten sources for the study of some of the most important authors of the XVIII and XIX century (Paisiello, Cimarosa, Rossini, Paër) and various rare and valuable publications.