Legal storage

The law concerning the legal deposit aims to create two archives of Italian publishing production, one national, that collects two copies of each document of cultural interest published in Italy (physically located in the central national libraries of Rome and Florence) and one regional, that preserves two copies of each document of cultural interest published in the region.
Publishers, according to the legislation, must therefore send four copies of each of their publications:
1 copy at the National Central Library of Florence (via Tripoli, 36 - 50122 Florence)
1 copy at the National Central Library of Rome (Legal Deposit Office of the Library - Viale Castro Pretorio, 105 - 00185 Rome)
2 copies to the regional archive of the competent region
For the publishers of the province of Parma, please note that these last two copies must be sent respectively to the Palatine Library of Parma (Strada alla Pilotta, 3 - 43121 Parma) and one at the Municipal Library of the Archiginnasio of Bologna (Piazza Galvani, 1 - 40124 Bologna)
Documents subject to legal deposit (see art.1 - Law 106/2004):

  • Documents or publications of cultural interest for public use, offered for sale or otherwise distributed, contained  any analogical or digital support.
  • Documents non subjected to legal deposit (see art. 8 – DPR 252/2006): abstracts, printing drafts, registers and forms, cadastral maps, advertising material for business, unaltered prints, documents for internal or private use.
  • Obligated parties(see art.3 - Law 106/2004): the publisher or, in any case, the person responsible for the publication as natural or legal person; the printer, where the publisher is not mentioned.
  • Partial discharge (see Article 9 - Presidential Decree 252/2006): if the works subjected to the law have a circulation of up to 200 copies or a value of not less than Euro 15,000.00 for each copy, with the exception of printed music, the publisher, or in any case the person responsible for the publication, is required to deliver a single copy to the archive of the regional publishing production.
  • However, if the works have a circulation of up to 500 copies and a value for each copy of not less than Euro 10,000.00, the publisher may ask for partial discharge  to the Ministry of Culture or to the competent region. 

Short guide to sending documents to the Palatine Library of Parma:
 Documents must be delivered to the library directly or sent by any other means within 60 days from their publication (see art. 7 - DPR 252/2006 with the office manager, Viviana Palazzo
On each document must be written “copy out of commerce for legal deposit according to the law no. 106 of 15th April 2004” (see art. 10, DPR 252/2006)
The documents must be enclosed in envelopes with the indication: "Copies out of commerce according to the law n0. 106 of 15th April 2004” and the name or company name of the subject obliged to deposit and his domicile or registered office (see art.10 - DPR 252/2006).
The list of the material sent must be included in each package (see forms).
The Library, after having controlled the contents of the envelope, if it has not found any irregularities, returns, duly endorsed, one of the copies of the list sent. This copy constitutes a receipt and must be kept by the interested party.
For further clarifications and information, please contact Dr. Viviana Palazzo
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