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PARMA, 14th JULY 2014



The Biblioteca Palatina is located in Strada della Pilotta 3, Parma. The same historical building holds theBodoniMuseumwhilst the Music Section of the Library is in the Conservatorio  A. Boito (via del Conservatorio 27,Parma).

The Library pertains to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism and follows both the statute of  public libraries as regards general rules and  its own statute as regards access procedures and all other services.

The foundation of the Biblioteca Palatina, inspired by the Prime Minister Guillaume Du Tillot in 1761, was one of the main aims of Don Filippo of Bourbon's cultural politics (1720-1765). 

At the beginning, the Library consisted of 40.000 books and was constantly developed through donations and acquisitions:  the most important collections in the Library are the De Rossi Jewish Collection, the private library of the Bourbon Dukes of Parma, the Ortalli Collection, the Spanish Collection, that is a comprehensive source for the Theatre of the  Siglo de Oro, the Bodoni Collection and the archives once belonging to Giuseppe Micheli and Giovanni Mariotti, two members of   Parliament both from Parma.

The current heritage consists of about 800,000 books, among which 6,600 manuscripts (many illuminated), 3,000 incunabula, 15,000 16th-century editions, 75,000 letters, 50,000 engravings dating from the XV to the XIX century.

Located in a context characterized by the presence of an ancient university, the library functions non only as an important local and international cultural center, but attracts academics from all over the world for the rarity of some of its collections.

In order to meet all kinds of needs, the Library is open all day long from Monday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday mornings. The Biblioteca Palatina has different aims and purposes: as a preservation library its efforts go towards the safeguard and enhancement of its own historical collections; as a public and research library it develops its own book collection through the acquisition of newly published material (on any support), both Italian and foreign.  New technologies are also employed to increase the value and the fruition of the Library's enormous ancient and modern heritage. In order to reach this aim, the library is gradually digitizing its Palatina and Parmense Collection, as well as the Ortalli Collection and the documents of the Micheli-Mariotti Archive.

From September 2006, as holder of the legal book deposit in Parma and its province, the library receives all local book production. This way the Library sustains the steady growth of its rich local history section developed  by means of the legal deposit rights it exercised at the time of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza.



- Paper and on-line catalogues;

- Biographic archives and other bibliographies in microforms;

- Microfilms;

- Local network data banks;

- CD-ROM and DVD to be consulted in the Consultation Room;

- Bibliographic information;

- Distribution of materials for  on site consultation,  loan and reproduction;

- Research in data banks of other libraries;

- Local, interlibrary and international loan;

- The library can photocopy, digitise, photoreproduce or scan every undamaged document of standard dimensions (this service must be authorized by the management);

- Access to Internet is allowed in the Distribution, Consultation and Reading Room;

- Reading and studying in selected rooms (Reading and Consultation Rooms);

- SBN catalogue of the books gained by legal deposit, acquisition, donation or exchange;

- Catalogues of manuscripts and incunabula and of special collections (such as maps, engravings, musical scores, photographs, etc...);

- Book purchase by suggestion. Suggestions should  be appropriate to the library's mission;

- Exchange of publications;

- Guided tours and didactic activity for students (on reservation);

- Extraordinary openings on occasion of the National Heritage Week and other special occasions.




The library is open to the public every days excluding Sundays, the religious and civil feast days normally recognized by the Italian State and on the Patron Saint day (Sant'Ilario, 13th January) from Monday to Thursday 8.10-19.10; Friday and Saturday 8.10-13.40.

Total opening: 55 hours

For possible changes in the timetable (summer opening hours, early closing, etc...) please see the page

Notices on the library website.

The library is open to the public during the weekdays:

  from Monday to Thursday

  8.10    a.m.-7.10 p.m.


  8.10    a.m.-1.40 p.m.

Distribution and loan service of modern books stop 20 minutes before closing time.

Manuscripts, prints and drawings must be returned 20 minutes before closing time.

It is also closed to the public the last two weeks of August to allow dusting and revision. During this period only the loan service is open from 11.00 till 12.30



 Not more than 20 minutes during the normal opening hours.

INFORMATION POINT                                        YES                                       DISTRIBUTION


INTERNAL SIGNS                                               YES                       SIGNS REGARDING OUR                                                                                                                                                               SERVICES AND SECURITY SIGNS

EXTERNAL SIGNS                                              YES

STAFF                                                                                                  STAFF IS PROVIDED OF A BADGE.

                                                                                                              ENGLISH, FRENCH AND GERMAN ARE                                                                                                                                                       SPOKEN

ACCESS FOR USERS WITH DISABILITIES        YES    100% OF THE SERVICES ARE DIRECTLY                                                                                                                                    ACCESSIBLE



 An Info Point is located at the Distribution Office. Important information (such as statutes, services, timetable, addresses, etc..) is published on the library's website:  HYPERLINK ""

100% of the library rooms and spaces are directly accessible to wheel chair users. TheBodoniMuseuminstead is not accessible to weehlchair users.



-The main (so called “Maria Luigia”) Reading Room  is used by readers consulting  modern books and magazines. Two tables are reserved for the consultation of XVII, XVIII and XIX century editions; In total: 92 seats, 64 plugs for notebooks, wi-fi.


- The so called “Consultation Room” is used by readers consulting bibliographies, manuscripts, rare books and graphic material. In total: 18 seats, 18 plugs for notebooks + 2 spaces for the database consultation.

-Please note: in this room private notebooks are allowed to connect to the library's internet.
The so called Distribution Room: 7 seats with PCs

-Open shelf

-About 11.000 books

-Modern books request

-3 books a time

-Ancient and rare books request

-Except for special needs (such as collation of different items, etc), 1 document at a time with a maximun of 10 items a day.

-As regards manuscripts, there are special rules.

-Magazines request

-Except for special needs, a maximum of 5 documents.

-Other documents typologies

-CD-ROM, DVDs, microfilms: 2 documents a time and a maximum of10 aday

-Delivery waiting times

-Modern books: not more than 20 minutes

-Ancient and rare material: not more than 20 minutes, except for material that has not been foliated (in this case not more than 75 minutes)

-Magazines: not more than 20 minutes


-Modern books can be kept on deposit not more than 10 days (with exceptions)

-Ancient and rare material can be kept on deposit not more than 15 days (with exceptions)


-It is possible to make reservations by phone, post, fax or e-mail ( HYPERLINK ""


-Qualified Staff is available to help and provide bibliographic information during 100% of the opening times.

-Contact person: the librarian on duty in the Consultation Room.

-The Library does not have qualified help for users with disabilities.

-Research tools

-Card Catalogues available:

--        Historical author and title catalogues (XV-XIX century)

--        Author/title catalogues of modern books, subject and CDD catalogues (1900-2005)

--        Magazines Catalogues

--        XVI. century editions catalogue;

--        catalogue of the consultation room (until 2005)

--        Catalogues of manuscripts and of printed and graphic collections

-On-line Catalogues available                             

--        OPAC, polo SBN

--        OPAC SBN/ Index

--        OPAC IMAGO (Union catalogue of graphic and cartographic collections)

--        Digitalized historical catalogues (from the pages  HYPERLINK ""

-Catalogues of other libraries                    

-On-line catalogues of the most important italian and foreign librairies  (access is possible through the homepage of the Biblioteca Palatina web site).

-Printed catalogues of incunabula, manuscripts and  ancient and rare books, of graphic works, part of which are available in the Consultation Room.

-Bibliographies (mostly general bibliography and bibliography on humanistic subjects) available online and on shelves.


-Special tools

-Project “Libro Parlato” (Speaking book) : integrated consultation system, download and loan of audio books (audiotape, CD-ROM), seat available in the Consultation Room equipped with special HW and SW tools


-Local loan

-Opening hours


-Mon.-Thur.:  8:30 a.m.

-                  7:00 p.m.

-Fri.- Sat.:    8:30 a.m.

-                 1:30 p.m.

-Waiting time

-not more than 20 minutes

-Number of requests

-2  items, maximun limit 4 items

-Loan Period

-30 days. It is possible to extend the period for further 30 days

-Delivery time

-not more than 20 minutes


-Through post, e-mail or OPAC.

-E-mail adress:


-Opening hours

-Mon.- Thur.: 8:30 a.m.

-                  7:00 p.m.

-Fri.- Sat.:    8:30 a.m.

-                 1:30 p.m.

-Waiting time for the registration

-not more than 20 minutes

-Request forward time

-not more than 4 days

-Delivery time of our material to other libraries

-Not more than 10 days after payment

-Loan period

-30 days


-Request time

-Self-made copies during opening time


-A4: 0,08 euros

-A3: 0,15 euros

-Copies from microfilms and computer prints: 0,13 euros

-Cash payment

-For other reproduction services please see the library’s website


-Self-made copies after authorization


-Via third party labs

-Please see the library’s website

-Digital copies                           

-Via third party labs or by users’ means (digital photos only, no flash allowed)

-Please see the library’s website


-Via third party labs or by users’ means

-Please see the library’s website

-Other reproductions                  

-It is possible to print MICROFORMS

-Opening time: Mo – Thur.: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

-                          Fri – Sat.:    8:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

-Requests in the Consultation Room


-All the above services can be requested by post, fax or e-mail

-100% true copies

-Bibliographic information

-Bibliographic research                      

-By post, e-mail and fax

-On-line research                                

-Through the Polo service “Ask to the librarian” as regards requests about the library’s collections

-Reply time

-Not more than 30 days from the request


-If users find problems or difficulties in dealing with the Library's services, they can lodge a complaint in the following ways:

-- by printing, (if necessary, a librarian will provide assistance), the enclosed form and deliver it by post, by fax or by hand.

-- by using the form provided online in order to send complaints via e-mail to the address:  HYPERLINK ""

- It is important to provide all personal data.

-On hand delivery the librarian will issue a receipt

-All users complaints are checked and answered within 30 days

-The Library will restore readers’ rights when necessary  through the gift of publications if available.

-Furthermore, users can make proposals and give suggestions in order to improve the organization and the library's services.

-You can find the Service Chart at the entrance of the library, on the website and through other information networks.

-Service Charter update: every 2 years



Biblioteca Palatina

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Tel. +39 0521 220411 -  Fax …+39 0521 235662………






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According to the art. 13 D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 no. 196, the personal data will be exclusively treated and used to answer the present complaint and give informations about the cultural events organized by this Institute.

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