Paper catalogues

  • Paciaudi’s alphabetic catalogue by authors.

    The catalogue, edited from 1762 to 1929, is made of about 200.000 handwritten mobile cards, sized cm 9,50 x 6. Adopted by P. M. Paciaudi, the first librarian of the Palatine library, who wrote in his own hands most of the cards, it's the first alphabetic catalogue with mobile cards in Italy. It was gradually upgraded and increased with new carda by the successors. The items concern the printed books and pamphlets, and were later copied in the Alvisi catalogue too (there are anyway few exceptions of works registered only in the Paciaudi's catalogue: in fact it was updated, even though not in a systematic way, also after tge final editing of the Alvisi catalogue). This catalogue will be soon available online in the site of the Cultural heritage and activities Ministry "Cultural Internet" at the address

  • Alvisi's alphabetic catalogue by authors.

Catalogue of the printed books that entered the Library from 1762 to al 1900. The catalogue is made of 42 volumes (size 53 x 43 cm) of which 6 are additions, each containing about 120 papers. It was filled out by Alvisi from 1893 to 1915. The status of preservation is good. The catalogue is available online:

Catalogo Alvisi

Catalogo Alvisi - Supplemento

  • Alphabetic catalogue by authors and headlines with international-sized cards.

Catalogue of the printed books that entered the Library from 1900 to these days. It consists of about 250.000 catalographic descriptions.

  • Alphabetic catalogue by subject, with international-sized cards, of the works acquired after 1900 and constantly updated following the indications of the Florence National Library's Thesaurus.

  • Systematic catalogue by matters, following the Dewey Decimal Classification, of the works that entered the Library from 1980.

  • Alphabetic catalogue by authors, with cards, of the printed books of the Michele-Mariotti collection.

  • Alphabetic catalogue by headlines of the periodics.

  • Alphabetic catalogue by headlines of the periodics of Parma.

  • Collective catalogue by subjects, following the Dewey Decimal Classification, of the current periodics owned by the libraries of Parma.

  • Zorzanello's incunabola catalogue.

    Handwritten catalogue with mobile cards sorted alphabetically and grouped in five files; it was edited by Pietro Zorzanello and describes the incunabola owned by the Library. The catalogue is available online:

  • Catalogo Zorzanello

  • Systematic catalogue of the erudite anthologies.

It's a one volume catalogue, handwritten, of the pamphlets sorted by their size (in-folio, in-quarto, in-octavo). It will be available online:

Catalogo Miscellanee erudite

Online catalogues

  • OPAC of the Parma Librarian System .

    The online catalogue, born on November 2001 by the union of the preexistent catalogues of the city and realized with the s/w Sebina Index, includes more than one million bibliographic records of documents owned by the Libraries of the Parma municipality, the Local libraries of the Parma municipality, the Libraries of the University of Parma, the Palatine Library and the libraries of other state, religious and private foundations of Parma. 73 libraries are joining the service.

    In the database are included most of the printed documents from the beginning of the XX century and the recoveries of previously acquired collections, of which the most relevant is the Palatine Collection.

Electronic resources

  • List of the databases and catalogues owned by the Palatine Library in CD-ROM format.