The Mixed Manuscripts and the Pezzana Manuscripts Collections

In Officium Beate Marie Virginis - Manoscritti misti B.34

Mixed manuscripts collection

As well as the Parmense and Palatine Collection the Library holds a third collection of 400 items: the so-called mixed collection, less known and smaller than the other two. It was organized by Angelo Ciavarella, who directed the Library between 1957 and 1973 and united in this collection all manuscripts recovered after the bombing which could not be easily identified as belonging to the Parmense or Palatine Collections. Also this collection contains some noteworthy manuscripts: the Book of hours of Margeret of Austria and the Liber consortii Sancti Iacobi.


Pezzana Manuscripts Collection

A certain number of manuscripts belonging to the Parmense Collection were chosen by Pezzana to form a different group possibly because he considered them less important and interesting only for local history. These are kept in 90 containers  and consist of autographs of tragedies presented in local literary competitions, texts concerning local history, charters, scientific material and items of various provenance. Of these 970 documents some have successively been restored to the Parmense collection in miscellaneous volumes.