The Palatine collection

manoscritto palatino 5

The most precious manuscripts of the collection belonging to the Duches of Bourbon Parma entered  the Library in 1865 by wish of the Italian State. These codices  form the Palatine manuscript collection. Information concerning the history of the Bourbon Parma library can be gathered from the speech by Pietro Pera  in 1841 to the R. Accademia Lucchese : the library grew rapidly through the acquisition of various private libraries , mostly from Lucca. The first manuscript collection entered the library in 1824 (the Buonvisi library), followed in 1837 by many Italian manuscripts, sixty of which contain works quoted by the Vocabolario della Crusca, bought by the Prince Felice Baciocchi. In the same year the archives of Mgr. Ludovico Beccadelli were purchased.

In 1865 these manuscripts together with those of Ferdinando di Borbone entered the Palatina: Federico Odorici, the Library's director describes a corpus of around 1034 manuscripts. In 1934 170 of these were given back to Lucca because of their contents relevant to the history of that town.  

Amongst the most important manuscripts in this collection we can recall: the Giant Bible (MS. Pal. 386), the Greek Gospels dating back to the 11th cent. (MS. Pal.5), the Breviary belonging to Barbara of Brandeburg (MS. Pal.6), various French and Flemish Books of Hours as well as the Beccadelli collection.